Dr. Sherif Badros


Dr. Badross is a compassionate veterinarian who loves spending time with animals. He enjoys working with animals because he believes that pets are wonderful creatures. His goal is to properly help and treat suffering pets. Dr. Badross joined the Etobicoke Veterinary Hospital team in December 2018.


Dr. Badross loves all aspects of his career but excels in and enjoys internal medicine and surgery. He likes to read new articles and attend medical conferences to help expand his knowledge. Dr. Badross has been practicing veterinary medicine for many years. He started out in Egypt and continues to practice in Canada.


Dr. Badross moved to Canada in 2011 with his family. Dr. Badross is happily married to Marian, a CPA/CGA accountant. He is blessed with two wonderful daughters, Miriam and Irina. He likes to volunteer to give back to his community. He has a passion for his career and loves spending time with a



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